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A two-part snowman? Who ever heard of such a thing? Although they are awfully cute.

And I have to give props to the Japanese about the umbrella and snow thing. We here in the United States, even those of us in Minnesota where it snows all the time, aren't bright enough to think of that, either. Hmmm.


Odd looking snowmen with only 2 parts....
Hasn't anyone in Japan read "Frosty the Snowman" with pictures>>???????? How conditioned are we? ha ha....


I'm from Hawaii and even I know that snowpeople (politically correct??) have 3 parts to them...you guys sure had a LOT of snow, here in Osaka, we didn't get squat...

Enjoy your posts!


oops, I'm also guilty of two part snowman!

ever heard of two-part snowman with hands?

i'm glad u got your share of snow now. it's been very cold in japan this year and most places are getting more snow than usual.

Jason Truesdell

I suppose "daruma" are a bit more pear-shaped than a snowman, so maybe that's why "yuki-daruma" are only two pieces.

Oh, by the way, I tagged you for the "too much information" meme if you're amenable and haven't already hidden a response to it in your archives somewhere. Check for details on my blog (January 19).



Thanks for the tag Jason. You're right, Japanese snowmen do reseble daruma. But I wonder what came first- the name or the shape?


WOW that looks great! just enough snow to play in, but not so much that it's too much of an incovience...perfect. i envy the seasons you have. here in so. california it's 75 today and doesn't ever feel like winter. you should see all the coats i have with tags still on them!


Looks like you had a great time in the snow on Saturday! I'm so glad it fell on a weekend so I could go outside and play in it. I'm American, and I don't understand the two-part snowman phenomena, either...it has bugged me for all five and a half years I've been living here! That and why I have to buy chocolate on Valentine's Day for old men in the office toward whom I have no romantic feelings whatsoever...ha ha.


Paula, snow is lots of fun for a day or two, but I'm glad it doesn't come very often here. A mild and warm California winter sounds like paradise to me.

Drh, it was very nice of the weatherman to send the snow on the weekend! Perfect timing.
I didn't realize Valentine's Day is coming soon! Makes me glad that I work at home- the only person who gets chocolate is my husband.

Jennifer Pack

You guys got a lot more snow than we did....we only ended up with 2 inches or so. Lucky!


Well, I think we got more anywhere else in Tokyo. Never seen so much snow here!

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